by Ashar Foley (originally published in Voices of Lefferts, Volume 3, Number 1 in Fall of 2020.)

“¿Señorita tienes guantes?” a man in a winter sports jacket asked me through the chain-link fence that surrounds Q Gardens, a small triangular community garden at Church Avenue and East 18th Street. “¿Guantes?” he repeated. Seeing that I didn’t understand, he rubbed his hands together to show me what he meant.

“¿Jabón?” asked the woman who had just come in on her bike. “I think he wants soap,” she said to me. I dug through my bag for the little bottle of hand…

Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC

The Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City (CEANYC) strengthens and expands community-led, democratically-controlled initiatives in NYC.

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